Pediatric Dentistry



At Angwin Dental, we have a knack for introducing kids to dentistry. Our commitment to your entire family is to be proactive in preventive dental care and ready with advanced dental solutions for children and adults.  Dr. Vandenhoven and our experienced, nurturing staff provide the most fun, engaging dental experience for our littlest patients!

Our commitment to preventive care includes educating kids in proper oral hygiene:

  • Brushing
  • Flossing
  • Feeling comfortable in our dental office
  • How to avoid tooth decay
  • Providing dental information in an appealing manner for children

From infancy through the teenage years, pediatric dentistry focuses on proper oral hygiene habits and dental issues specific to children. We usually recommend kids come for their first visit at age 4. By age 4, most children will allow us to examine their mouths thoroughly.

At your child’s first visit at Angwin Dental, we count teeth, check emerging teeth, and check the underlying bone structure for signs of oral diseases and bite abnormalities. Based on our findings, we will design a customized oral care plan to include home care tips, fluoride treatments, diet recommendations, and early orthodontic intervention, if necessary.

You can save your child costly and potentially painful future dental problems by obtaining quality dental care while his or her adult teeth are still forming. With prevention and early care, we can help your children have a lifetime of dental health.  Contact us today to schedule your first appointment!